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Suring for New and Average SurfersI’m Stuart and I have a passion for surfing.  I started surfing in my early 40s and this year I turn 55 so I have been surfing for over 10 years.  I have surfed longboards, funboards, shortboards and stand-up paddle boards.

I created this website to help new and average surfers (like myself), and to share my love, passion and knowledge of surfing that I have learned in my 10 plus years of doing this amazing activity.  I will attempt to provide you with information that will hopefully help you in your surfing journey.

If you ever need any feedback or support regarding your surfing experience, I would be more than happy to connect.  Simply leave your comment below and make sure you visit my site regularly as I am always updating it.

Anyways, I wish you all the best, thank you for dropping in! :)


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