Best Surfboard Travel Bags, There’s More Than One

Before I answer the question best surfboard travel bags, I will cover the following topics:

  • The purpose of a travel bag.
  • Types of travel bags.
  • What bag is right for you?

Another Expense?!

Best Surfboard Travel BagsThe word “travel” immediately, at least for me, brings up the image of flying, but the Merriam-Webster dictionary has many definitions for the word “travel”, and the one I would like you to keep in mind is: “to move from one place to another”.

So, a surfboard travel bag is bag that you store or put your surfboard in when you move from one place to another.

The bag is a means to help protect your board or boards from damage.  It will also prevent the transfer of surfboard wax from your surfboard to your furniture, clothing, car, etc.

The bag also makes it easier to carry your surfboard because some of them come with handles, shoulder straps and wheels.

There’s More Than One

Surfboard travel bags also come in many shapes and sizes types and are made by as many companies as there are shapes and sizes.  These bags are made to fit: shortboards, funboards, longboard, Stand-up paddleboards and are even made to hold several boards.

There are four basic types of surfboard bags: The sockthe day bagThe travel bagThe coffin surfboard bag

The sock aka surfboard sock – Is a bag made from a stretchy material with a reinforced nose and a drawstring closure.  The sock only opens from end, and you slide the nose of your board into that opening until the board is fully enclosed.  It’s like sliding your foot into a sock, hence the name.


Best Surfboard Travel Bags

The surfboard sock.

The sock is the least expensive of the four options but also offers the least protection.  The only padding it offers is the material that the sock is made from and the reinforced nose, but it’s great at not transferring wax to other surfaces.  The sock is only made for carrying one surfboard.

Because of the sock’s stretchy material, it conforms to the shape of the board but it is also harder to put your board into the sock than are the other types of surfboard bags.  For the fashion conscious, the sock also comes in a multitude of colors.

The day bag – Is a lighter version of the travel bag, it doesn’t have as much padding and is not as robust.  The day bag, like the sock, has only one zippered opening, it is lightly padded, has a handle or shoulder strap or both.

Best Surfboard Travel Bags

Surfboard day bag.

The day bag will come with at least one reflective surface to keep your board cool and to protect it from the rays of the sun.  It may come with an inside pocket to store your wax.

The surfboard is, once again, placed nose first into the bag.  Because the bag has a fixed shape it is much easier to put your board into it.  The day generally only hold one surfboard.

The travel bag – Is a robust version of the day bag.  This bag has padding throughout and is usually made from denier cordura nylon or polyester.  It’s heavier than the day bag and also more rugged.

Best Surfboard Travel Bags

Surfboard travel bag.

The travel bag, like the day bag and sock, has only one zippered opening, will come with a handle and shoulder strap and has an inside storage pocket.

This bag will have water resistant foam padding and one reflective side to keep the board cool and to protect the board from sun.

Like the day bag, the surfboard is placed nose first into the bag and also like the day bag, is has a fixed shape to make it easier to put your board into the bag.  Travel bags are made to hold one board or several boards.

The coffin surfboard bag – Is the largest of the four types of bags and the most robust.  It is specifically designed to carry multiple surfboards.  For ease of surfboard placement, the coffin bag will have a zipper that runs along almost it entire length and will have straps around the bag’s width for strap down, secure storage.

Best Surfboard Travel Bags

Surfboard coffin bag.

Because of its large size, the coffin surfboard bag (more often then not) comes with wheels for ease of transportation.  This bag is most often used for a person planning on taking multiple boards and traveling by plane to their destination.

The sock bag, because of its stretchy nature, is more forgiving when it comes to surfboard width and height.  The other bags can either be too big or too small, if you have a board that is too narrow or too wide than what is considered standard.

I’m So Confused

When choosing a board bag, and since they come in many shapes and sizes, choose a bag that is made for your size board.  If your board is 9 feet long choose a 9 foot bag, if your board is 6’6” long then choose a 6’6” bag.  If they don’t have your exact size of bag, always go bigger.

If you are on a budget and like the option of having a multitude of color choices then you should go with a sock.

If you want better protection than a sock but are still on a budget then go with the day bag.

If you don’t care about budget and want the best protection for your surfboard, then go with the travel bag.

The coffin surfboard bag is only really needed for someone intending on moving multiple surfboards.

Remember, as we defined earlier and no matter the name, the surfboard travel bag, is needed first and foremost for protection but also when you move from one place to another.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t get free boards and I can’t buy a board every time I want one, so I need to protect what I do have.

In Conclusion

The makers of these bags (Dakine, Kommunity, Creatures of Leasure, Curve, just to name a few) all offer bags that are competitive with each other, so, selecting a bag based on a maker is a personal preference and would not answer the question “What is the best surfboard travel bags?”.

So, what is the best surfboard travel bags?  It all depends on your budget, needs and personal preference and that question, ultimately, can only be answered by you.

Click here to read my review on the Creatures of Leisure surfboard bag.

Thanks for dropping in and if you have any questions or comments, please post-it in the comment section of this page.

4 thoughts on “Best Surfboard Travel Bags, There’s More Than One

  1. I love your site and my son just picked up the surfing bug about a year ago. There is an indoor surfing place here in Texas where we live. I believe it’s a little different. He has a wake board and the stand up boards are much smaller. My question is this, will using the indoor surfing park help him to eventually get to real surfing? I love the bags you have, they are pretty cool. Is there a bag for the wake board? We paid $200 for the board and he will want to take it to Florida this summer when we head to the beach. Just looking for something to protect it. Great site! Love it! Gotta try surfing myself.

    • Hi Laehrae, I never tried an indoor surfing parking but I don’t see why it wouldn’t help handle the real waves. 11-time World Surfing Champion, Kelly Slater, just built his own wave making site and you can get barreled there.

      I did a quick web search and yes, they do make wakeboard bags and I think you should give surfing a shot.

      Thanks for the comments and dropping in!

  2. Great post, Stuart. I have never been surfing, but it sounds like it is definitely a good idea to have a bag of some kind to keep wax off of all of your stuff. It probably depends on how much surfing you do also when deciding which bag to get.

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