Bicycle Surfboard Carrier, Variety Is The Spice Of Life

A bicycle surfboard carrier is generally used by someone who:Bicycle Surfboard Carrier

  • Doesn’t own a motorized vehicle.
  • Doesn’t want to deal with having to find parking.
  • Wishes to go green.
  • Lives too far from the beach to walk.
  • Decision is based on a combination of some or all of these reasons.

Whatever your reason or reasons for using a bicycle surfboard carrier you have a variety of choices.  Unfortunately, with some of these carrier choices you will have to find a means to secure the device or risk having it stolen.

Under The Arm

Bicycle Surfboard Carrier

Under the arm surfboard carry.

If your surfboard is small enough, you can choose the least expensive carrier and just place the board under your arm and ride your bike, steering with one arm and hand.  If your board is too wide to fit around the width of your board, you can purchase an item like the “Board Buddy”, which will basically extend the length of your arm.

Products like the “Board Buddy” employ what I would term a large hook.  You place one side of the rail of the surfboard under your arm and the opposite side is then placed in the hook.  This will effectively increase your arm length by 4 to 5 inches.

Board Buddy

Board Buddy being used.

Riding your bike this way is awkward and can be dangerous because you are not in full control of your bicycle, and your board may get in the way in the event of an emergency.  I would not recommend using this method for surfboards over 6 ½ feet in length.

The under the arm method can also be employed without a bike and is generally the preferred method, along with carrying the board on the top of your head, for transporting a surfboard for shorter distances (e.g. your car to the beach, the beach to your car, etc.).

Over The Shoulder

Bicycle Surfboard Carrier

Over the shoulder carry.

If you purchased a surfboard travel bag (click here to read my post on surfboard travel bags) and that bag came with a strap, you can throw that strap over your shoulder and ride your bike that way.  The benefit to this method is that both hands can remain on the handle bars.

You can also purchase products that are basically a shoulder strap with additional straps that wrap around the board.  These products are often referred to as a shoulder sling.  Some of the shoulder slings will also come with a pouch for storage.

Once again, this is still an awkward way to ride your bike and your surfboard can get in the way.  I would not recommend this method for surfboards longer than 6 ½ feet.  You will also have to find a method to secure your surfboard travel bag or shoulder sling to prevent it from being stolen.

I would lock the bag or shoulder sling to your bike using your bicycle lock.  The over the shoulder method can also be employed without the need for a bike.  If you aren’t using a bike you will be able to carry a larger surfboard.

Bike Rack

Bicycle Surfboard Carrier

Bike racks.

Is a surfboard rack that has been significantly modified so that it can be attached to a bicycle.  They are usually constructed of an aluminum alloy frame, with some parts (the parts that hold the board) wrapped in foam to protect the board.

These surfboard racks will have board weight and length limitations.  Using this method is much better than the under the arm and over the shoulder methods, though it will still make riding your bike awkward.

These surfboard racks are not limited to bicycles, I have seen them used on mopeds, scooters and even motorcycles.

The Trailer

Bicycle Surfboard Carrier.

Surfboard trailer.

The trailer is the most expensive method but also the most elaborate.  They are basically trailers for surfboards, they have their own frames or use the surfboard as part of the frame and they all come with a set of wheels.

The trailer will usually attach to the seat post of your bike and can add up to ten feet or more to the length of your bike.  As you may imagine, this can make maneuvering your bike around streets, crosswalks, etc. difficult and awkward.

The great thing about these trailers, especially a product like the “Quiver Kaddy”, is that some are made to carry multiple surfboards plus your surf gear.  Products like the “Quiver Kaddy” can be expensive, the “Quiver Kaddy’s” starting price is well over $300.00 U.S. Dollars.

Bicycle Surfboard Carrier

Quiver Kaddy.

You will also be able to use these trailers without a bike, which would make maneuvering, less difficult and awkward.  You will definitely need to find some method to secure these trailers to prevent theft.

In Conclusion

You have many options if you wish to purchase a bicycle surfboard carrier, they all have their pros and cons, and some don’t even require a bicycle.  The bicycle surfboard carrier is also a great option is you wish to go green.

I think the bike rack bicycle surfboard carrier is the best option because:

  • It attaches to a part of the bike.
  • Does not require a body part for the board to be carried.
  • Does not add significant length to your bike.

Should you choose to purchase a bike rack bicycle surfboard carrier, remember that they have surfboard weight and length limitations, or in other words, you can’t exceed by recommendations.

Click here to read my review on the MBB bicycle surfboard carrier.

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