Famous Australian Surfers

The list of famous Australian surfers is also a list of some of the greatest surfers in surfing history.  The list I have compiled is made up of mostly World Surfing Champions, but does include one Australian surfer, who is not a World Surfing Champion, but his invention changed surfing forever.  There is no ranking […]

Surfing vs Snowboarding

Surfing vs snowboarding, this post is not a post on whether one discipline is better than the other, but rather and examination of translatable skills.  I would like to examine if being proficient in one of these sports, will translate into being efficient in the other.  Now, there is no scientific evidence that being proficient […]

Waterproof Surfing Watches

Before you go out and purchase or look at waterproof surfing watches, I think you should determine what you’re looking for in waterproof surfing watches.  Before you spend too much or get something you don’t need you should have a clear picture in your mind as to: How much are you willing to spend? What […]

Can You Surf a Tsunami?

Can you surf a tsunami, is an interesting question, but before I try to answer that question, I think I should answer the following questions: What is a tsunami?   What is an ocean wave?  What are the differences and similarities? Tsunami Tsunami is a Japanese word and its English translation is harbor wave.  Tsunamis are […]

Top Male Surfers

The top male surfers would be a subjective list and could be based on who you prefer to watch, who does the best aerials, etc.  With this in mind, my list will be objectively selected and based on how they are currently ranked on the 2016 World Surfing Championship Tour.  This list will most likely […]

Surfing Movies On Netflix

I was searching through Netflix and I wanted to see if there were any surfing movies on Netflix.  Typing in surfing movies in the search menu brought up 11 movies that Nexflix determined are surf movies.  The following titles were displayed: Storm Surfers Isolated Drift Bella Vita The Endless Summer Hawaiian The Legend of Eddie […]

Does Skateboarding Help Surfing?

Does skateboarding help surfing?  There is no science to confirm that skateboarding helps surfing but there are a lot of anecdotal information that may support the theory that skateboarding will help your surfing.  Let’s look into this further. Personal Experience I’d like to state that I am not a skateboarder but I have been a […]

Pop Out Surfboards, POS?

Pop-out surfboards are often thought of as cheap and poorly made surfboards or POS aka piece of s**t.  These types of surfboards are usually made overseas, to reduce cost and because of lax or non-existent environmental manufacturing laws, where quality control is not a concern.  This is what many surfers think when they hear about […]

Man Made Surfing Waves, Good Idea?

Man-made surfing waves can be seen and ridden at some theme parks and this could possibly increase if consumer use and company profits justify the expense.  But are man-made surfing waves a good idea?  What are the pros and cons?  Let’s examine this idea further. The Idea Wavegarden, a leader in man-made surfing waves, describes […]