Surfing Lessons on Oahu, What You Need To Know

You could always check out my page “Getting Started,” purchase a surfboard and then hit the beach, but I wouldn’t recommend doing that.  If you have a spouse, family member, girlfriend, boyfriend, friend or acquaintance, who is an experienced surfer, and is willing to show you the ropes then that would be the ideal set-up […]

No Wax Surfboard, What’s Available?

A no wax surfboard is certainly available as well as waxless surfboard traction.  But why would you choose a no wax surfboard over a surfboard that you wax?  Isn’t waxless surfboard traction the same as a no wax surfboard?  What are you talking about?  I didn’t even know you had to wax a surfboard. For […]

Rules To Surfing, Learn Or Get Burned

Like every sports, there are rules to surfing.  Rules, which prior to the internet and books about surfing, were unwritten and basically passed down from father to son/daughter, friend to friend, mother to daughter/son, mentor to pupil, etc.  These rules, like most rules, were created to increase safety and to bring some order to what […]

Gath Surfing Helmets, Really?

The Gath surfing helmets are legitimate products that have been used by World Surfing Champions, but that is not the only protective product available to the surfers.  Before we delve further into the Gath surfing helmet, I would like to make you aware of the other products that are out there. Sunscreen When I normally […]