GoPro Wall Charger Review

GoPro Wall ChargerProduct: GoPro Wall Charger Review
Price: $21.00 (retail)
Best Place to Buy: Amazon
My Rating: 9.75 out of 10


My GoPro, the GoPro Hero 4 Silver, did not come with a wall charger but did come with USB charging cable.  I don’t like to charge my electronic devices using my computer, so I needed to get an adapter so that I could plug it directly into the wall then attach the USB charging cable.

I looked at a lot of chargers on Amazon and decided to go with the GoPro charger because I liked the look, I wouldn’t have to worry about possible compatibility issues and it looked like exactly what I needed.

Who’s it for

In my opinion, this device is great for anyone who does not already own a USB wall charger and doesn’t want to use their computer to charge their GoPro.  There are many other aftermarket chargers for the GoPro, but you may run into a compatibility issues.

Core Features

These are the features of the GoPro Wall charger:

  • Dual USB port quickly charges up to two cameras at once (1.5 hours for an 80% charge; 2 hours for 100%)
  • 1 AMP per port for a quick charging solution
  • Simultaneously record video or photos while charging
  • Interchangeable AC plugs for US, UK, EU and AU
  • Works with most devices that charge via USB

What’s In The Box

The GoPro wall charger came with the following:

  • Wall Charger
  • US-style Wall Adapter (“Type A”, 2-pin)
  • EU-style Wall Adapter (“Type C”, Europlug)
  • UK-style Wall Adapter (“Type G”, BS 1363)
  • AU-style Wall Adapter (“Type I”, AS-3112)

My Thoughts

I opened the box and was surprised to find two USB charging cables, I wasn’t paying attention to the product details.  I think the charger is very well made and, for me, works exactly as described.  I definitely like the folding prongs on the US wall adapter and I found the charger very easy to use.  I paid nearly $400.00 for my GoPro Hero 4, so paying the $21.00 for the wall charger was really a no brainer for me.

What Others Think

GoPro Wall Charger“I love the finish on this charger. It has a matte finish that almost feels velvety. The real advantage to this charger is the dual USB ports and interchangeable international plugs (a must if you travel abroad). Frankly speaking, if you own an Apple product, their charger will work fine too. I think this item is too expensive for what you are getting. However, like other proprietary products, the goal is to brand their name and entice buyer to stick with the brand despite exorbitant prices.”

“While the overall look and feel of the GoPro Wall Charger is contemporary and high-quality — coupled with the advantage of foldable prongs for the US plug which enables compact storage — charging two devices simultaneously seems to slow the entire charging process. Also, it seems that whatever device is plugged into the top USB port charges faster than the device plugged into the lower USB port. Overall, this is a good product but not great… especially for the price.”

“Just a heads up, the charger works great and comes with two mini USB cables but these cables will NOT work with a GoPro Session which uses a micro USB. Would be nice if they told you that somewhere in the description or gave you the option of what cables to include.”

“GoPro wall charger, just as I would expect. Charges GoPro like they would want it charged, faster and more reliable than using a computer USB, and GoPro does not recommend charging with USB Hub, or at least that is what the manual states.”

“This is a must have if you own a GoPro camera of any model. An added plus is that you can actually recharge 2 devices at the same time. I use my GoPro a lot when on visits to the family ranch and on motorcycle trips for a multitude of subjects. This charger along with a stick are my must have items when recording what I encounter.”

“Needed this to charge multiple devices at the airport overseas.”

Pros and Cons


  • Well made.
  • Easy to use.
  • No compatibility Issue.
  • Multiple wall adapters


  • Pricey.
  • Will not work as well when multiple devices are plugged into charger.

In Conclusion

The GoPro Wall Charger is exactly what I needed and works exactly as advertised.  You’ll receive a well-made product with two USB charging cables plus adapters for the USA, Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom.

Where To Buy

I’ve done a bit of research on where to buy the product, and so far the best place to buy it is Amazon.  You will receive free shipping if you’re an Amazon Prime member.

CLICK HERE if you’d like to purchase the GoPro Wall Charger from Amazon.

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