Mens Rash Guard Swim Shirts, huh?

Mens Rash Guard Swim ShirtsMens rash guard swim shirts, is a rash guard, made for men, that can be used for swimming, surfing and other water related activity.  You might be asking yourself, what is a rash guard?  Is a rash guard only made for men?  I will be answering these questions as well as giving you a brief history of the rash guard plus provide other interesting and pertinent information.

It Began

The rash guard was invented in Australia and introduced to the Australian public in the 90s.  My search for who exactly invented the rash guard was unsuccessful.  The rash guard was created with the surfer in mind but is now used for other water and non-water related activities.

Its humble beginning started in Australia but it is now used and made globally.

What Is It?

The rash guard is an upper body garment, which looks exactly like a shirt, its main initial purpose was to protect the surfer from getting upper body rash caused by skin against surfboard friction.  The rash guard comes in short and long sleeve versions and offers protection against the sun’s harmful rays.

The rash guard is generally made from spandex and nylon or polyester, this makes the shirt light weight, fast drying and comfortable.

Because the rash guard offers protection against the sun’s harmful rays it has gone from the ocean to other outdoor activities and can be used by anyone wishing to wear a light weight, fast drying shirt that also offers protection from the sun without the need for sunscreen.

The rash guard is designed to be skin tight and is similar in that regard to a compression shirt.  However, not everyone is comfortable with wearing a skin tight shirt so the rash guard shirt/surf shirt was created.  The rash guard shirt has all the great attributes of the rash guard, light weight, fast drying and comfortable, except it is cut in a looser fit.

You may ask yourself, why not just wear a t-shirt?  Cotton, one of the most common fabric of a t-shirt, is not comfortable or light weight when wet nor is it fast drying.

Can I Get One

The rash guard is not only made for men but are also made for women, girls and boys (children).  The rash guard comes in a multitude of colors and fabric patterns.  Women’s rash guards tend to have greater fabric patterns and are made and designed with the female figure in mind.

Mens Rash Guard Swim Shirts

Female rash guard.

Rash guards have become popular with parents because it eliminates the need for parents to put sunscreen on their kids’ upper body.  Rash guard have also increased in popularity with the general public due to their sunscreen properties and stylish fabric patterns.

The makers of rash guards are not limited to companies mainly devoted to the surf industry.  It has become a global product and is made by clothing companies all over the world.

The rash guards have also expanded from surfing into sports such as mixed martial arts, cycling, swimming, baseball, football, weight lifting, etc.  Due to the increased popularity of rash guards, you can purchase rash guards from practically any clothing store and oftentimes, the more known stores will have their own version of a rash guard.

Rash guards come in various sizes and prices.  The price of a rash guard is often dependent on the maker, fabric pattern, country of origin and whatever special properties the maker of the rash guard claims their rash guard has.

Mens Rash Guard Swim Shirts

Rash guards in a multitude of colors.

In Conclusion

Mens rash guard swim shirt, is a rash guard or shirt, made for men, which can be used for swimming, surfing, etc. but are not limited to those activities.  Rash guards, shirts, were initially made to prevent rash caused by skin and surfboard friction but its uses have expanded.

Rash guards are also made for women and children plus come in a multitude of colors and fabric patterns.  Rash guards are a global product, which are produced and sold by countries and companies Worldwide.

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