TruKid Sunny Days Sunscreen Stick Review, It’s Not Only For Kids

Product: TruKid Sunny Days Sunscreen StickTruKid Sunny Days Sunscreen Stick
Price: $9.99 (retail)
Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon
Size of Container: .62 ounce
My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

TruKid Sunny Days Sunscreen Stick an Overview

TruKid Sunny Days Sunscreen Stick is a sunscreen that was created to be used on children but can also be used on adults.  A sunscreen, is basically an item that protects against the harmfully effects of the sun (click here to read more about sunscreens).

This product comes in a stick form and is not a lotion or spray but can be described as a larger version of a lip balm. This makes this product very easy to carry around and thus reapply as needed.  I would only use the stick form for applying sunscreen to the face, ears, lips and neck.  A lotion or spray is easier to apply on other parts of your body.

I chose a stick form, because when I’m surfing I like to take a stick surfing with me and will apply the sunscreen while I’m surfing.

Does It Check All The Boxes?

The sun produces UVA and UVB rays. UVB rays are the rays that cause sun burns, but more importantly, plays a key role in the development of skin cancer.  UVA rays are the rays that can lead to premature skin aging.

You want to choose a product that not only protects against sunburns but protects against both UVA and UVB rays also known as broad spectrum protection.  TruKid Sunny Days Sunscreen Stick offers broad spectrum protection.

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and refers to the ability of a sunscreen to block the sun’s UVB rays.  You want a product that has at least SPF 15, TruKid offers SPF 30 protection.

If you’d normally burn in 10 minutes, SPF 15 multiplies that by a factor of 15, meaning you could go 150 minutes before burning.

Keep in mind that the higher the SPF, the smaller the increased benefit: contrary to what you might think, SPF 30 isn’t twice as strong as SPF 15. While SPF 15 filters out 93% of UVB, SPF 30 filters out 97%, only a slight improvement.

You also want a product that is water resistant (The FDA defines water resistant sunscreen as meaning that the SPF level stays effective after 40 minutes in the water), TruKid is water resistant.

Lastly, to protect against the sun’s UVA ray, the sunscreen should have at least one of the following ingredients: ecamsule, avobenzone, oxybenzone, titanium dioxide, sulisobenzone, or zinc.  TruKid has both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as active ingredients.

It’s Not All Is RosyTruKid Sunny Days Sunscreen Stick

People on Amazon have reported skin irritation, not liking the smell and difficulty applying the product.  I personally, have not experienced any of these negative affects but I’m giving it a 9.5 out of 10 because I can’t ignore the complaints of others.

Direct From The Maker

TruKid Sunny Days water-resistant SPF 30+ Sunscreen Stick provides water-resistant protection for active kids and their parents, gliding on easily and offering handheld broad-spectrum protection from UVA/UVB rays.

The non-nano formula contains mineral-based, sustainably sourced zinc. It is as safe for the earth as it is for skin; pediatrician- and dermatologist-tested; Eczema-safe; reef-friendly; free of Gluten, phthalates, parabens, and Vitamin A; and certified by PETA as animal-cruelty free.

TruKid Sunny Days SPF 30+ Sunscreen won the Red Tricycle “Most Awesome” award based on the votes of thousands of families nationwide 2 years in a row.

It also was named one of the best and safest sunscreens available with the highest rating for any kid’s line by the Environmental Working Group (EWG).

The BPA-free stick of TruKid water-resistant Sunny Days SPF 30+ sunscreen is the perfect size to have on the go.

TruKid was founded by Jennifer Adams Bunkers, a mother of six children, to create personal-care products for kids that use only natural ingredients and essential oils instead of bad-smelling, unhealthy chemicals. TruKid is dedicated to providing all-natural solutions to teach kids healthy habits while making parents’ lives easier.

TruKid Sunny Days Sunscreen Stick

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In Conclusion

TruKid checks all the boxes:

  • Broad spectrum protection (protection against the Sun’s UVA and UVB rays).
  • At least SPF15 (TruKid is SPF 30)
  • Water Resistant
  • Contains the active ingredients titanium dioxide and zinc oxide

It also comes in an easy to carry container and is kid friendly.  I highly recommend TruKid Sunny Days Sunscreen Stick to anyone who is looking for an easy to carry sunscreen that meets all the requirements for an effective sunscreen.

Thanks for dropping in and should you have any questions or comments, please post it in the comment section of this page.

6 thoughts on “TruKid Sunny Days Sunscreen Stick Review, It’s Not Only For Kids

  1. I use sunscreen on my face every day! We live close to the beach in sunny California and sunnsreen is my must-have as it’s the only way to prevent sun-induced wrinkes. I love the fact it’s a stick – makes it easier to use on the lips.

  2. Hi Stuart,

    Great Post. I like it. Awesome layout, very easy to get around. Some gurus say to be cautious of retinyl palmitate, while another says, the concentration is so low it’s not worth worrying about. What’s your take? Also, there is concern with mineral sunscreens, and to avoid any sunscreens that have nanoparticles. It should say “non-nano” under active ingredients on the container. What’s your take on this one?

    • Hi Jim, TruKid does not contain any retinyl palmitate but after reading your post I did some research but could not find consensus opinions regarding this ingredient.

      On the topic of nanoparticles, I would direct you to this website, it states the following: “large number of research studies have produced no evidence that zinc oxide nanoparticles can cross the skin (SCCS 2012). A real-world study tested penetration of zinc oxide particles of 19 and 110 nanometers on human volunteers who applied sunscreens twice daily for five days (Gulson 2010). Researchers found that less than 0.01 percent of the zinc from either particle size entered the bloodstream. A follow up study applied the same two sizes of nanoparticle zinc oxide in lotions to the skin of hairless mice, which have much thinner skin than humans. It found that the zinc atoms from these lotions became distributed throughout the mice. The overall zinc concentrations in the blood and internal organs did not change.”

      Thanks for the comments and dropping in!

  3. I lived in sunny Arizona for 40 years and sunscreen is an absolute must. I never tried a stick version but it sounds like an interesting alternative. I do wonder about the coverage using a stick. Is it harder to make sure you are not missing spots with that type of applicator?

    • Hi Sue, I would not recommend a stick if you are covering anything besides your head. I use the stick for my face, ears, lips and neck. It is not as easy to apply as say a lotion or spray.

      Thanks for the comment and dropping in!

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