Waterproof Surfing Watches

Waterproof Surfing WatchesBefore you go out and purchase or look at waterproof surfing watches, I think you should determine what you’re looking for in waterproof surfing watches.  Before you spend too much or get something you don’t need you should have a clear picture in your mind as to:

  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • What features do you require?
  • What type of watch band do you want?
  • What water resistant depth is needed?
  • What makers are you interested in?
  • How important is durability to you?

Before I delve into this further, here is some important information that I think you should know, there are no waterproof surfing watches in the U.S., however, there are water resistant surfing watches.  U.S. Federal Trade Commission has banned the use of the term waterproof as it relates to watches, because it deemed that using this term was misleading.

It’s Not Free

How much are you willing to spend or lose?  I put lose in there because you could actually lose your watch while surfing.  I lost my watch at least three times while surfing, and one of those times was due to me not tightening the straps sufficiently.  You could also lose your watch because the straps broke.

I guess if money isn’t a problem for you, then it wouldn’t matter how much you spent on your watch, but how many of us are in that situation?  I can’t see spending more than $75 for a watch you plan on going surfing with.  At that price, it’s not too expensive that you won’t be able to afford another watch plus if you should lose it, it won’t be that large of a financial lost.

Everything Including The Kitchen Sink

Waterproof Surfing WatchesWhat features do you require?  Do you actually need a watch that tells you the tides or gives you the surf report?  You can get that information on your smartphone, or do as I do, and just check your computer before you head out.  Why add an additional $100 to the cost of your watch, for information that you could easily get somewhere else.

Do you prefer digital or analog?  Do you need a light feature on your watch or luminous dials?  Do you need an alarm on your watch or not?   Is a battery acceptable or do you prefer solar?  These are all the features plus more that you’ll need to consider when purchasing a water resistant watch.

Another feature you’ll need to consider when purchasing a watch, is what materials that watch is made from plus what type of watch band is being used.  Since your watch will be in the water, a watch covered in rubber with a rubber watch band with a buckle system would probably work best.  A metal watch and band could be used but a metal watch and band could scratch your surfboard.  If you purchase a metal watch, you would need to purchase a watch that won’t corrode in water, this will increase the price of the watch.

I personally, prefer digital over analog, I like to be given the date and time at a glance.  My watch has to have a light so that I can see the time when it’s dark.  I also like to have an alarm on my watch to help me get up in the morning.  Since they significantly improved solar watches, every watch that I have owed has been a solar watch.  I don’t like the hassle of having to change a watch battery.  I also prefer a watch that is covered in rubber, with a rubber watch band that has a buckle system.

Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea

As I previously mentioned, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission aka FTC has banned the use of the term waterproof when referring to watches.  Watches can be water resistant up to a specified depth, so, what water resistant depth do you require?  Since you intend to wear your watch while surfing it will need to be water resistant.

A water resistant watch is necessary for a surfer, because the arm that is wearing the watch will be submerged in the water as you paddle your surfboard.  If you wipe out, you and your watch will also be covered in water.  I would think, that 50 meters or approximately 164 feet would be more than adequate for most surfers.

They Are Not Created The Same

The watch makers you are interested in, is also important in determining what water resistant surfing watch you wish to purchase.  You want to select watch makers with a known history of making quality watches at affordable prices.  You may not want to purchase from a new company with inexpensive watches that look like expensive brands, this could be a disaster in the making.

If you are not buying directly from the watch maker, I would strongly suggest also purchasing from well-known and established companies.  There are many companies out there selling clones, which will not have the quality of the originals.

When I purchase something, an important buying consideration for me is the durability of what I’m purchasing, and it is no different with watches.  Not only should you consider purchasing watches from watch makers that are known for their affordable, quality watches but you also want to make sure their watches are durable.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to purchase a new watch every year or for that matter every other year.  I want a watch that will last for years to come.

In Conclusion

There are no waterproof surfing watches, however, there are water resistant watches.  Before you purchase a watch, you should have an idea of: how much you wish to spend, what features you need, what water resistant depth is required, what makers you are interested in and if these makers make affordable, quality watches that are also durable.  My preference for water resistant watches are the Casio G-Shock watches, I’ve been using these watches for over 30 years.

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Thanks for dropping in and should you have any questions or comments, please post it in the comments section of this page.

4 thoughts on “Waterproof Surfing Watches

  1. Great comments on what to look for to buy in a surfing watch. After many losses of watches in the surf including a $200 double clipped watch specifically made for the surf, I now spend $10 dollars on a Big W waterproof (Australian so still rated waterproof) watch which typically lasts me 3 months and then I don’t care if I lose it and buy another. By the way I only use it surfing then have an everyday watch for all other times, cheers Jamie

    • Hi Jamie, I’ve been using my current, a Casio G-Shock, for over 3 years now. I just make sure it nice and tight on my wrist before I surf, but I certainly do understand your position.

      Thanks for the comments and dropping in!

  2. You are dead right – No watch is completely waterproof.

    A solar watch is a great feature for someone who wants it for surfing. All that sunshine to charge it up while out catching some waves. I didn’t even know there were solar watches until reading this post.

    What’s a good watch you recommend for around the $75 mark?

    • Hi Darren, Solar watches are so good nowadays, that they charge on house lights. You can find many good Casio G-Shocks for under $75, they are my favorites brand and type of watches.

      Thanks for the comments and dropping in!

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